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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q, Are your karaoke files midi music
A: Absolutely not. Midi karaoke files are synthesized, poor quality sound files. The karaoke files on our drives are mp3+g, (standard karaoke format, and mp3 quality.)

Q: What is an mp3+g file?

A: An mp3+g (or mp3 + graphic file) is a single file, comprised of two file zipped together; an audio mp3 file (the music), and a cdg
graphic file (the onscreen lyrics). This format can be played in many of the DJ programs on the market today, like PCDJ, Virtual DJ, show presenter,
Club DJ Pro, etc. and there are also programs designed specifically to run a karaoke show, like Sax & Dotty, Karma, etc.

Q: How do I use my computer to play karaoke? And how do I see the lyrics on another screen?

A: Playing karaoke songs from a hard drive is as simple as playing an mp3. Karaoke playing software will allow you to see the words in a small window within the program, on the same laptop. You can maximize
that window and use your laptop to display the words. Or, to show the lyrics on a second display/tv, your laptop needs to have a
video card with multi-monitor support. Most laptops/desktops already have this capability. If yours does, you can enable it with a
few clicks within Windows, and you'll see the lyrics another tv or monitor, while you see the program on your laptop.

Q: Wait, what is multi-monitor support and how do I know if my computer has it?

A: Most laptops built over the last 6 years or so have multi-monitor capability. This basically means there are two or more outputs
from your video card. This allows you to connect to a second monitor or TV to your laptop using an s-video, dvi, or vga cable. If
you look on your laptop, and see two or more of these connections, then you're ready to go. Depending on your operating system
and video card, it takes just a couple of clicks to enable it through windows. The karaoke software recognizes the second monitor
automatically and displays the lyrics on it.

Q: How do the karaoke updates work?

A: You can start a monthly
subscription for $24.99

Q: I downloaded my update. What do I do with that?

A: once you download the file,
simply use a zip program to extract, and you'll see the disc folder with all the songs on that disc inside. The songs are
already named and in mp3+g format, ready to play.

Q: Do you offer technical support?

A: With every purchase, you'll receive  technical support with setting up the software, running a show, etc. Included on  
the drive is a pretty comprehensive tutorial guide on how to get started, but of course if there's any questions I give my personal
number out to every customer, in case you have any questions or concerns.

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